Howard Middle School Update

The Howard Middle School Design Review Committee met on June 16, 2017 (meeting minutes). The Architect has issued a preliminary pricing package and an estimate is being prepared by both the Contraction Manager and Architects. Atlanta Public Schools continues to develop the schemes to confirm that APS’s budget can sustain the design. As soon as APS reconciles both budget and design, the next design review committee meeting will be scheduled. The current anticipated project completion date is July 2020.

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SPLOST 2017 Information

SPLOST 2017 items discussed at the last GO Team meeting.

Project Commitee Overview

Howard MS – Fact Sheet


Howard Middle School Design Committee

The Howard Middle School Design Committee had its initial meeting on 3/29/17 to discuss initial design concepts and options. Meeting notes and links to the presentation are included below. Along with the architecture and design firms of Stevens & Wilkinson and Lord Aeck Sargent, the design team is made of of representatives from APS and IMS, including Interim Principal Emily Boatright, Teacher Johnny Taylor, PTA reps Cathy Lepik and Gail Price, and GO Team members Tamara Jones and Angela Lewis. The next meeting is slated for this Friday, 4/14. Questions or comments can be send to president@inmanmiddleschool.org or operations@inmanmiddleschool.org.

Howard Project Design Committee Meeting Minutes
Howard Powerpoint
Howard Site Plan Options